11 July 2007

And All That Jazz!

The cast of Chicago - The Musical is working out at the wife's YMCA while in town for their performance. As a result, she scored four free tickets to see the show. I called Adam to see if he and Heather could go with us but they couldn't commit. Kurt & Julie could go, so all was good. However, last minute we got an additional two tickets - and in a mad frenzy of phone calls found another two friends (Keith & Ann) that could go on short notice.

The show runs all week and we went last night. It was pretty good, over all. Some parts were a little strange but others were incredible. I may have to watch the movie again as a comparison. All in all, it was a good weeknight hanging out with friends - and that's all that matters, really. =)

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latt├ęgirl said...

Sounds cool. Call me next time.