22 July 2007

Country Jam & Bon Jovi

So, this weekend was the annual Country Jam music festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Once again, the wife and I volunteered to work the gates - taking tickets, giving out wristbands, checking ID's, etc. This year was incedibly busy as Bon Jovi was the headlining act on Saturday.

Bon Jovi? At a country music festival?! No, I'm not joking. They've been dabbling with some country writers, producers and even a duet or two. This concert was a great show and they played all the hits, from Runaway to I Love This Town. I probably never would have seen them live if I wasn't working at the venue - but still, I was incredibly surprised at how good it was. We had a great time!


latt├ęgirl said...

I am almost sure Bon Jovi is one the more shameful Canadian exports. Or so I have heard.

Loki said...

Actually, they're from New Jersey - you must be thinking of Loverboy.

latt├ęgirl said...

Or Bryan Adams.

Dang, I thought Bon Jovi was Quebec.