08 July 2007

His Name Is Prince

...and he is funky! Wifey and I just got back from Prince's 7-7-7 concert at the Target Center. It was a great show. Opening with Purple Rain was probably the best way to start a concert. He played some of his other classics, some covers ("Play That Funky Music," starring some random local singing the lead vocals) and some of his newer stuff. Sheila E jammed a few drum solos and performed her hit singles, and Wendy played guitar. Prince's band had a phenomenal horn section, too.

The concert was a blast, and thanks to Brian & Georgia for giving us their extra tickets!


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Anonymous said...

I also heard from my other peeps that this was a fabulous concert. I would've loved to have seen him again!

latt├ęgirl said...

I hate you even more for not re-confirming that it was really him. I hate you. And even more for making me go through the letter-verification process, which is increasingly tiresome and, I am sure you will eventually find, redundant. You can vet comments without the word ver. thing. Lose it.