29 September 2007

Oktoberfest Absentee

Starting in 1989, I have marched in the Oktoberfest parade in La Crosse, WI - every single year. This year I didn't - because the wife and I decided to save our $$$ for our upcoming trip to Italy instead. I think I have the longest running record amongst my immediate group of friends (and some others in outer circles as well).

Part of me is enjoying the fact that I'm not putting myself through it - as it's been a heck of a long and busy summer/fall so far and I really don't want to wear myself out before our trip to Europe. The other part of me misses going back, reliving the college days and catching up with old friends that I usually only get to see this weekend.

It seems kind of weird, actually.
But oh well, maybe I'll go back next year. ;)


Shannon said...

YOU??? Not at Oktoberfest? Sacrilege!!! The stars are out of alignment. The norse gods are going to demand a sacrifice. The world will NOT be the same.

latt├ęgirl said...

Italy is a far, far better choice in the scheme of things.