16 September 2007

Restoration Work

Although I had previously planned on installing the new parts for the Honda C70 Passport this afternoon, instead I'm reloading everything on my computer. We had a brief power outage the other morning - after which, my 1.5 year-old desktop acted a little funny upon startup. It started fine and supposedly all was good.

Until I needed to use it last night and it was frozen on a black screen. A simple reboot produced the familiar 'cla-clunk' sound coming from the bottom of the case where the hard drive resides. That's two Seagate drives I've gone through - this last one being out of warranty.

So I replaced it with a larger drive from Western Digital this morning. I've almost completed getting everything installed - and then it'll be time for a backup.

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-- K -- said...

I'm always surprised that all my blog-writers seem to be so on top of fixing their systems! Me? I wait FOREVER! I still have my old laptop that needs to have a new mobo to work properly. It's not worth to fix since I have a new laptop and my grandpa (who was going to buy it from me) bought a better one, but I've still yet to take the hard drive out and transfer my files from one to the other.