10 November 2007

Frick & Frack

I was reminded today of two former co-workers at my previous place of employment. I never actually met them - just talked on the phone almost daily because some thing or other didn't quite work right with the application my staff needed to use.

They were really funny - and went by the names Frick & Frack. Working for said company was quite a pain in the arse for most of us, and their humor always made it just a little better.

Unfortunately, Frack left for greener pastures...leaving Frick by herself and pretty much killing the code name duo. Eventually Frick left too...as did I.

Occasionally, I am reminded of them while watching Battlestar Galactica (they use the term "frack" for that other 'f' word). Today, while wandering through the mall with my wife and the outlaws, I overheard a bunch of teens talking about someone they know whose nicknames were Frick and Frack.

I laughed out loud, but nobody heard me. So here's to you, Frick & Frack! Hope things are going well for you both. =)

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Jane said...

I'm tagging you for a meme...