25 November 2007

History of Football Teams

I mentioned to my wife today that the original Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore and then started back up again a few years later in Cleveland as a new team. That made me wonder who started/moved where as what...and look what happened:

Original Team------------Became Team(s):

Baltimore Colts---------Indianapolis Colts

Cleveland Rams----------Los Angeles Rams, St. Louis Rams
Cleveland Browns--------Baltimore Ravens
Chicago Cardinals-------St. Louis Cardinals, Phoenix Cardinals, Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders---------Los Angeles Raiders, Oakland Raiders
Houston Oilers----------Tennessee Oilers, Tennessee Titans
Los Angeles Chargers----San Diego Chargers
Boston Patriots---------Bay State Patriots, New England Patriots
Decatur Staleys---------Chicago Staleys, Chicago Bears
Dallas Steers-----------Dallas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys
Boston Braves-----------Boston Redskins, Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Pirates------Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Texans-----------Kansas City Chiefs
New York Titans---------New York Jets

Sometimes the Internet can be useful, after all. ;)

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Shannon said...

And for a period of time, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philidelphia Eagles combined forces and were the Philly-Pitt Steagles.