27 May 2008

Last Week In Review

Last week was really really busy! Elizabeth and I helped her parents move (thanks to Keith for letting us borrow the pickup), we had our annual Lawn Bowling fundraiser at work, the American Idol finale took place (way to go, DC!), my best friend from college came into town, and then he and I left for Memorial Weekend to go fishing (2nd year of not catching any) north of the Twin Cities with friends. *whew*

I'm glad that I can now relax a little - except the wife told me that we have something going on almost every weekend in June & July. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Every weekend in July is BOOKED for us already - UGH=(

-- K -- said...

Did it rain for lawn bowling this year?

Jeff said...

Don't worry DJ, you will get them next year. (I think I said that last year as well!)