13 May 2008

Three Remain...For Now!

So tonight was the competition of the "big three" in American Idol. Here's my unbiased opinion:
- Archuleta: First song (Billy Joel) was great, songs 2 & 3 were crap.
- Syesha: Alicia Keys song was okay but the other two? Oh my...get that suitcase.
- Cook: Great job on Roberta Flack, ehhh with Switchfoot, awesome on Aerosmith!

Now, before anyone throws a fit - I never liked the Switchfoot song "Dare You To Move" anyway, and it wasn't the best song to squeeze into 90 seconds. Archuleta's version of "And So It Goes" (picked by Paula?!) wasn't OMG but he did a great job with it. The producers chose "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" for Cook and the songwriter (Diane Warren) was in the audience, loving what she was hearing. From tonight's performances, I'm guessing it will come to "The Battle of the Two Davids" ...and may the best Cook win?!?!

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