11 May 2008

Passport Agony

As some of you may know I acquired my grandfather's 1981 Honda Passport last fall. It's not an SUV, but a 70cc motorcycle (think scooter engine in a bigger frame - a Vespa on steroids) - anyway, it cost me an arm and a leg to get the dang thing running after 25 years of sitting in g-pa's damp garage.

I put it away last fall the day it dropped below freezing. The turn signals didn't work either, but I didn't care - I'd worry about it when it was warm enough to ride it. So when I fired it up this spring it made it all the way to the corner and died...and wouldn't run for longer than 5 seconds. I walked it back to the garage as Wifey passed me in her car. I was PISSED! I even thought about selling it or putting it back in the damp garage - even called about buying a different one from some guy on Craigslist.

Yesterday, I decided to figure out what was wrong with it - so I started it up and it ran fine. I drove it around the neighborhood, shut it off, started it again and it never died on me. I went to visit our friends down the street, parked it in their driveway and came back out - it started right up.

I think it got scared... ;)

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latt├ęgirl said...

A machine with intuition or self-awareness? Be afraid!