21 July 2006

Target wins "Stupid Flag" award

Today, I went to Target to have some lunch and buy Sudafed. They wouldn't sell me any, saying that I had hit the maximum limit of a restricted item. Target's Pharmacy told me the maximum was 3 grams in 10 days, and I was only permitted to purchase 0.6 grams currently. My last purchase of 24-hour Sudafed (2.4g) was more than 10 days ago. I complained, naturally - as I was being wronged!

Target Pharmacy gave me their Guest Relations number that I could call. I asked them what difference that would make, and they really didn't know. Then, the pharmacist told me that although all of Target's stores are connected - they aren't connected with any other retailers so I could go elsewhere to get what I needed!
Target just told me how I can circumvent the law they're trying to uphold! I laughed and walked away...

Okay, now this is where I raise the "stupid flag" - MN state law limitations state that you can't purchase more than 6g in 30 days (as of 4/6/06). I've purchased 4.8g that I can remember (two 24-hour Sudafed packages - both at Target on different dates). 2.4 x 2 = 4.8 ...so I should be able to purchase 1.2g yet (not 0.6)! Which I did, from the retailer Target referred me to.

My conclusion - Target is stupid: they're not educated about the laws they are required to enforce, inform customers on how they can circumvent such laws, and they can't add! ;)


-- K -- said...

Just don't try to substitute the liquids with the gel caps when using them to get high. Trust me. You have to drink WAY too much of that stuff WAY too fast and it only makes you super sick. Plus if you / someone you know does use them to get high make sure to have a camera handy. The faces people make when they use is HILARIOUS!!!

Loki said...

...but I don't want to get high, I just want to breathe out of my left nostril! Now I have a graphic of --k-- making an "icky face" in my brain.