12 July 2006

I won!

There's an afternoon radio contest done by Moon and Staci called "Smarter than Staci" on KS95. When I get out of work at a decent hour, I usually end up listening to it on my way home from the train station. Yesterday I was making great time and heard the announcement for contestants to call in...

Now, usually if I call the only thing I get is a busy signal. This happened again, but I decided to give it another try - and it rang! I was on the air!!!

Contestants are asked five questions with Staci out of the studio. The answers are revealed and your score is given. Staci then comes back and gets the same questions. If you have a higher number of correct answers, you win! I got 4 out of 5...and so did Staci - and therefore we tied.

For the tiebreaker, the contestant gets a choice between a "speed round" (first correct answer wins) or playing rock/paper/scissors. I went for the latter since I sometimes think too much. First match: 1,2,3...I chose rock (so did Staci) - another tie. Second match: 1,2,3...I chose paper (Staci chose rock) - I won! *yay*

I got a $50 gift certificate to a local mall and a session at Let's Dish with Staci and a guest of my choosing...which was my wife, of course!

Some of my co-workers heard me, and said that I didn't sound too much like an idiot.
I think I'll buy a Powerball ticket today...maybe my luck is still good! ;)

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N8ey said...

Hrm, lunch from there looks good. The department should be thrilled!