05 July 2006

The "Taste of Minnesota" (aka: "Pre-Fair")

I have always protested going to the "Taste of Minnesota" event, the Twin Cities' Independence Day weekend festival, but was persuaded by my wife to go for a short time yesterday.

Let me say one thing: "This is not the 'Taste of Minnesota'...it's the 'Taste of the MN State Fair!'"

In other cities (Madison, Chicago, Denver, etc.), the "Taste" event is truly a wonderful experience. Local restaurants set up booths with samples from their menu, at a discount price, and usually include a coupon good for a dinner or something. Local merchants sell trinkets that show how they're unique compared to other stores. It's a great time!

Not so for us Minnesotans! Instead, we have the privilege of the expected carnival atmosphere. No-name tents selling knick-knacks, sign up for a free vacation, and pay an average of $5 for a smaller portion of the same deep-fried food you can find at most county/state fairs. (except the cheese curds, which were the worst I've ever had anywhere in the Midwest - also $5)

And some of the people attending this event had to have been raised by cows. Mind you, the place wasn't packed - and yet you still couldn't walk 20 feet without having to stop or change course because some inconsiderate buffoon walked right in front of you.

It's truly a sad state of affairs.

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