10 July 2006

Viva Italia!

Those who know me realize that I'm not into soccer that much. However, since it was my friend Jason's birthday I decided to join him at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis to watch the 2006 World Cup. Was I ever in for a surprise...

The place was packed...literally! Downstairs, upstairs, inside, outside - everywhere. I've never seen that many people there ever in my life. It was quite a show!

We conveniently had a spot (standing, squished into the back wall) where we could see one of many big screens. The walkway to get outside was between us and the tv, which led to a lot of heckling that was really funny sometimes. People from all nationalities, shapes and sizes made an appearance. More often than not, it was more entertaining to watch the people watching the game than the game itself! Sorry, soccer fans...

We also got to witness a little brawl between a stupid guy, a cool chick and the chick's mom. After getting skooled by the mom, the guy got thrown out of the establishment...and there was much rejoicing! *yay*

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