12 February 2007

Fast...Fast Forward!

My wife and I called up Adam and Heather for some Saturday Night shenanigans. They had a late lunch and weren't really hungry for dinner - whereas my wife hadn't eaten all day and was starving. We decided to go to Outback for steak and then meet up with Heather and Adam later for a movie and dessert (we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory on our way to their house).

The movie was Fast Forward...a long-time childhood favorite of my darling wife. I'm an 80's fan, Adam's a fanatic, and yet neither of us had ever seen (or heard of) this movie. It was directed by Sidney Poitier and the music was done by none other than Quincy Jones...so it had to be somewhat decent, right?

The movie was actually pretty good. You could obviously tell it was a knockoff of Fame, but it was far less serious and a lot more campy. Think of Fame, combined with an early Michael Jackson video, make it into a HS musical where small-town kids try to make it big at some dancing contest, then get 'challenged' at a NY club for rights to work on the street.

Too much for you? Well, obviously you don't enjoy goofy 80's movies about dancing. *laughs* The four of us had a great time, Adam made popcorn, we had drinks and all was well with the world.


heather k said...

Fast! Fast Forwaard!

Great, now the song is in my head! ARGH. Well, it was terrific fun to have you two over again - thanks for the sinful cheesecake!

Have a faboo weekend:)

Solange said...

Truly - this movie is a gem!