20 February 2007

Memorable Weekend

This weekend was rather eventful. The wife and I found a really good (and unexpected) place for Friday night fish fry - Houlihan's. It was quite yummy, and all you can eat - even though the initial portion is big enough not to want more. They also put the song list at the back of the menu, so you know who sings that song you hear while dining and their drinks are superb!

It was also my birthday! We went out with the in-laws at Granite City for a late lunch to celebrate. They make their own beer and it's quite tasty. I also used my free b-day car wash privileges to make Jeeves (my Jeep) all nice and shiny...at least for a little while. I got some spending money from my parents and my wife's parents, a Best Buy gift certificate from brother- and sister-in-law, and an iTunes gift card from my niece and nephew. My wife bought me a pair of Keen shoes, which are way-cool and really comfy! A last-minute present happened late Sunday night, when we purchased our second Tivo so we can record even more of our favorite shows.

To top it off, our friends Paul and Jennifer welcomed their new baby boy into the world. It's kind of neat to share a birthday with the handsome little guy. So, I stopped by the hospital to visit with them and extend congratulations on their new addition to the family.


-- K -- said...


latt├ęgirl said...

Happy birthday! Another year older and more fuller of mischief!

I was hoping to say "those shoes are keen," but unfortunately, I hate them.


I like a man in a brogue, heaven help me.

heather k said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!