10 February 2007

Kids Playing Hoops

Last night the wife, my in-laws, our friend Ann and I went to watch high school basketball. My brother- and sister-in-law teach at the same high school, and Brian coaches as well. The game was pretty good, and the score was close throughout the entire game.

As I turn 36 in another week, I realized that I was twice as old (if not older) than the kids playing basketball, the cheerleaders, the "Snow Ball" court and the majority of the spectators. It was a little strange being back in a gym for a HS sporting event - but it was still a lot of fun watching everybody.

Common questions/comments in the group included: "Could those jeans be any tighter?" and "Check out that guy's hair." followed by "Are those cheerleader outfits revealing enough?" and finally "LOVE the camoflage jacket with that formal dress!"

And then we laughed, saying that we probably got dismantled the same way when we were that age.

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