22 February 2007

Jeeves Attacked!!!

Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny and warm - it was 43F on my way home from work! As the evening progressed it got very windy, though. On my way to pick up really good Chinese food for dinner, Jeeves (my Jeep) was attacked and mildly injured. There was a rather large (4'x6') piece of something laying on the side of the street. A big gust of wind picked it up and hurled it right at the windshield. The impact was really loud and made a big crackly spider-web thing.

I'm glad it wasn't warmer and that I wasn't driving a convertible or a motorcycle...because that would have really hurt!


latt├ęgirl said...

Jebus! I jump when a stone whacks the windshield. I would have been off the road if something that large had hit. Apparently, you have nerves of steel.

-- K -- said...

It's your punishment. You angered the weather gods when you said :

So enjoy the snow and winter while you can, northeastern states - because we can't enjoy ours. All we get is arctic cold air - and a little snow for something pretty.

Now they're punishing you by blowing stuff at your car (and by sending a big snow storm this weekend)

I wonder what my punishment will be for my comment about kidnapping a news anchor... I'll probably have Make-up thrown at my car... That's okay because due to recent thefting events I know I have $0 deductible glass coverage :)

Solange said...

Really now...aren't you all thinking - did he really name his car Jeeves?

heather k said...

I know I am.

Loki said...

What's wrong with Jeeves?!?!