16 February 2007

Snow Storm? *woohoo*

It's been all over the news in the past week: "...a snow storm cripples the Midwest!" - "...upstate NY gets 100+ inches!" - "...motorists stranded on Interstate in PA!"

We didn't get anything worth mentioning here in MN, which I consider (probably incorrectly) to still be part of the Midwest region. Whenever the media blares about a storm hitting the Midwest, they almost always mean between Chicago and eastern Ohio. When I sold books door-to-door in MA, some people didn't even know Wisconsin was a state (they thought it was somewhere in upstate NY).

I would give anything to see 100+ inches of snow in 4 days. We used to get really bad winter snow and ice storms when I was a kid growing up in southern WI...where drifts would sometimes be 15+ feet high. Not anymore, and I'm quite jealous of New England for getting all of our winter fun and excitement.

Even if we do get a somewhat big storm in WI/MN, it's barely mentioned on the national scale...because it's either expected or nobody cares. Or, because people don't know where we are. But with New York and Pennsylvania, on the other hand - that deserves extensive coverage for some reason.

So enjoy the snow and winter while you can, northeastern states - because we can't enjoy ours. All we get is arctic cold air - and a little snow for something pretty.


latt├ęgirl said...

I love the way the TV stations were all "Storm watch" and oh-so-serious. Excitable weather people.

N8ey said...

We don't get on the news after a storm because it's assumed we know what to do.

Look at the drivers out there and you KNOW we don't, but logic won't change anything.

-- K -- said...

We should totally come up with a way this summer to make headline news, I suggest kidnapping a news anchor....

Heatwave in the real midwest! Minnesota breaks 70 degrees!

N8ey said...


That was funny, K.

Get on that, iLoki. *ducks*