06 August 2008

Chicago Invasion: Day 2

Today I realized that I never updated my blog with yesterday's madness, so here's the quick & dirty version. We started off the day at the Chicago Institute of Art, which had some really cool exhibits and well-known pieces like 'that one in Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and 'that one with the farmer & his wife." *grin* I know their real names and artists, but it's a lot more fun to say it in the format of Friends episodes! =)

After that, we had lunch and walked through Millennium Park - and then down to the Adler Planetarium along Lake Michigan's shoreline. Did you happen to notice that the weather was damned hot on Tuesday? It was in Chicago as well - and we pretty much withered away once all moisture evaporated from our bodies.

It was kind of late for dinner, so we tried to get in at a local pizza place - but didn't want to wait an additional 50 minutes for a table. Us guys stayed in the bar waiting for take-out while the gals & kiddies went back to the hotel. We ate (not as much as we ordered) and went straight to bed...we were completely exhausted!

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