23 August 2008

Vroom Vroom!

My scooter is once again running! Quite well, in fact. All of that rust from the tank really did a number on performance. Some of the particles were so small and looked like really fine dust - that made its way through the filter screen on the carb and settled in various collection points. After trying to acid rinse the tank myself at the recommendation of a local cycle shop, I then took it to Tank Renu - a little outfit in Shakopee. They media blasted the tank and baked on a liner. Good as (or maybe even better than) new! And for $35 it was well worth it.

I also bought new fuel lines as the old ones were getting pretty dried out and I didn't want any cracks or leaks. Instead of going with original lines, I opted for standard hose from a local auto parts store. Another $4 investment well spent.

After putting everything together, I rode around the neighborhood adjusting and tweaking until it purrs like I remember from way back in 1982 (the first time I rode it at my grandparents' house).

The license plates are in the mail, so I'll be hitting the streets very soon!


Karen Marie said...

You mean to tell me that you've owned your scooter for 5 years longer than you've known me! WOW!!!

Loki said...

Not really - I've only owned it officially since June. I've known you since 1988!

Karen Marie said...

Wait that's 20 years. Wow! We are either really old or we were really young when we met :)
BTW next week is Jen Perkins B-day she'll be 38!