03 August 2008

Vacation Begins!

We began our vacation officially yesterday, packing up our things and loading the car with various items that we'll use (or might use) on our trip.

First, we traveled to my parents farm - which is always a scenic and relaxing time. We arrived just in time to go to Monroe for dinner. We ate at a little Chinese restaurant called Chopsticks *grin* and it was pretty good overall.

I spent the morning washing my classic '72 Charger and then Dad helped so I would help him with his '55 Ford pickup. After getting all the dust off, we of course had to take them for a drive around the countryside.

Today my extended family (aka "The Outlaws") will also come to the farm. My niece and nephew haven't been on a real farm yet, so it should be a good time for all. Then we'll leave for the other extreme - the Windy City of Chicago.

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