06 August 2008

Chicago Trip: Day 3

Today we started out slow as we were still recovering from yesterday. The wife and I slept in while her parents and sister went running out to Navy Pier and back. We then ate breakfast on Route 66 at Lou Mitchell's - which was a little cash-only diner not far from our hotel.

Afterward we walked over to the Sears Tower and went all the way up to the Skydeck to see what we could see - and we could see just about everything! It was a great view.

Next up was the Museum of Science and Industry, which I thought would be a lot more historical but ended up being very family & kid-friendly. I wasn't disappointed, though. We still had a great time. Especially because we took the bus there & back, with only limited walking necessary.

Tomorrow we leave this windy city of Chicago, but I look forward to our next visit - whenever that might be.

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